Electronic Soul Had a Perfect Ending of 2015 ChinaJoy

2015 ChinaJoy commenced on July 30th and lasted till August 2nd 2015 in Shanghai. During the event, Electronic Soul showed all of our products significantly. Our wonderful shows, beautiful showgirls, intense matches and amazing area for trying playing our games could all greatly amuse those who approached our exhibition stand.

The 18 charming showgirls, awesome cosplay of our cosers, and great magic shows in our exhibition stand were particularly attractive.

Our showgirls during this ChinaJoy cosplayed the nurse-styled Xin Xiangying in Dream Three Kingdoms II. Due to their lifelike modeling patterns, most of our showgirls became the cover girls of many official websites, and a lot of media reported our exhibition stand one after another.

From this ChinaJoy on, Electronic Soul started to partner with Somic. During this ChinaJoy, we introduced the custom version of G926 HyperVemon the special earphone for Dream Three Kingdoms II together with Somic. In the future, we will also boost development of electronic sports in China with Somic. We firmly believe these two big companies will bring people various surprises sooner or later.

Additionally, Wang Lin a world champion of badminton has become an official spokesperson of Electronic Soul since this ChinaJoy. Even though badminton is not closely related to electronic sports, the two domains are both filled with sportsmanship. As a new member of sports, electronic sports have been approved by more and more people gradually. In the future, Wang Lin will cooperate with us in more events. If you like Wang Lin and also us, please pay attention to us. We hope our domestic electronic sports players will prevail over most opponents in the world as our domestic badminton players do. Hopefully we will bring more glories to our motherland as Wang Lin did and also show national spirit and national electronic sports to the whole world!