Electronic Soul’s Annual Meeting of 2015

Electronic Soul’s annual meeting of 2015 was held on January 22nd 2016.  The annual meeting’s theme was “age of electronic sports”. The meeting place was filled with the elements of the classical games which were very popular in the previous century. In contrast with last year’s annual meeting, this annual meeting attached more importance to participation and was thus a purer meeting of gamer industry practitioners.


Now that it’s a pure meeting of game industry practitioners, elements of games were surely indispensable during it. Even many bosses of the company had fun in cosplay.


The elements of science fiction were another important part of the meeting. In addition, the annual award ceremony was a highlight of the annual meeting as before. In the annual meeting, the perfect show of rescuing people in the universe amused everybody of the company a lot.



The meeting place was splendid, and everybody of the company was significant as well since all of them had made great contribution to the company by hard work.


The annual meeting came to an end in a pleasing environment. Via the meeting, we wanted to tell people we would develop and publish the highest-quality games in such an age of electronic sports even thought there would be innumerous hardships.